Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homemade Vogels bread

I can't find a bread that I like over here, so I had a faff about on that awesome font of knowledge; the www (honestly, what did we do before that?) for a good wholesome, easy bread to make myself.
I find the bread here really, really sweet, even when we're buying the ridiculously expensive Whole Foods organic palaver. Also, I like the idea of making bread myself, because when it goes stale after 3 days, I know I'm not eating a whole lot of added who-knows-what.
Anyway, good news. I stumbled upon an Annabel Langbein recipe called 'Busy People's Bread'. It is super-easy to make - i.e. there's no kneading, and just 10 minutes waiting time while you wait for the yeast to froth.
I whacked in a tablespoon of flax seeds as well, just to feel extra virtuous when eating your homemade bread.
And it was awesome - it tastes a lot like Vogels bread, something that when toasted and covered in butter and marmite, is a bit like NZ on a plate.
As an added bonus it also received rave reviews from the sidekick. Happy times all round.

Recipe here


  1. I see you are looking for a vogels-like bread recipe. I have long searched for such a recipe and tried to develop one, all nice breads but just not like vogels. I dont think that Annabel Langbeins comes even close.
    But this last month i have finally cracked it. A slow rise recipe that is just like vogels in texture, nice and chewy, great crust, slices well, toasts great... i am delighted with it and am happy to share it with you. I have posted it on foodlovers forum,164006,164935#msg-164935 There is a basic recipe with just a few ingredients and another one with extra grains and lots of seeds added. If you try the recipe i would love some feedback. here is a link to photos of my "more like vogels than vogels loaf of bread

  2. Thanks so much Jacqueline - it sounds delicious!


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