Monday, September 12, 2011

Missoni + Target....1 more day!

I know this blog is a bit Missoni crazy lately, but it has paid off. The Target Missoni range goes on sale tomorrow and below is what is on my wishlist. Anyway, the bonus of all my Missoni-harping-on has not gone unnoticed by the other half, who *amazingly* is actually behind my acquisition of some Target Missoni items. (Can't decide of he's most pleased about the fact that they are about 1/10th normal Missoni prices, or that happy preggers wife = very happy life. I'm not questioning it it either way.)
Travel bags. I can almost justify it as being for the little guys stuff to travel back to NZ in?

Cushion. Can't have too many of these to fluff about the house.

Rugs. Preferably would like both.

Espresso cups. Can pretend these are for the boy, who loves his morning espresso.

Stationery + Missoni = love, I tell you.

Kindle case. An essential.

Throw. Again, you can't have too many throws now can you?

Funky towels.

1 comment:

  1. Oh oh I so want to come shopping with you I mean what is not to love about stationery and throws, rugs etc...


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