Monday, October 10, 2011

Mentally redecorating

I've felt a wee bit homesick this week for Oslo and Tairua, (think the nesting instinct has kicked into full force now, which is kinda scary as I'm a pretty good nester anyway by nature). Anyhoo, as per usual when a bit of homesickness hits, Tairua gets mentally redecorated. Here's the inspiration this time;

I LOVE these bar stools. They look very uncomfortable to sit on and are probably worth an arm and a leg, but I still love them a lot.
Image via French by Design.

As always I am a total sucker for a cosy rug on a chair. Even more so for a cosy rug on a Phillipe Starke chair.
Image via Decor8.

I like the colour of this kitchen because I have a thing for grey and wood and white at the moment. I don't know if I could commit to how dark this is though.
Image via Design Sponge.

The colour of this basin is rock n roll. Totally in love with it.
Image via Emma's Design Blogg.

OK, this one isn't that exciting, but it's bright and sunny and has a nice chunky wicker basket and plants that are alive.
Image via Emma's Design Blogg.

This picture makes me think 'How have I been living without a hammock in my life?'
Image via Emma's Design Blogg.

Nice simple rooms, not too much fuss. Ooo, a sheepskin rug. How surprising.
Image via Emma's Design Blogg.

Just the general vibe of this room I like. Well, OK, it's probably the mis-matched chairs all painted grey.
Image via Emma's Design Blogg.

Here is is again = grey + wood + black + white + yellow. Mmmmmm.
Image via Marie Claire Maison.

Another gorg kitchen from Marie Claire Maison.

Digging the low seat/bed with aaaaaaalllllllllll the cushions. I'm sure I definitely have enough cushions for this look :)
Image via Purple Area.

Yes, yes, it is a grey kitchen again. But it does go so nicely with the buttery Smeg fridge which we will be reacquianted with on our return home. And I'm thinking this el cheapo Ikea island bench might be a cheap option to have it looking like this....
Image via some Scandi mag I no longer have details for, oops.

Image via Ikea.

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