Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunshine and sand

How's this for a cute wee sandbox?
My brain is full of baby stuff at the moment. Hence my very sporadic postings. I have to admit, I have been a bit of a pinterest fiend lately. Seems a lot easier to just oogle pictures on pinterest rather write anything on a blog post, especially when you are busy being a personal assistant to a three month old. Especially a three month old with a cold, and (worse) a husband with a cold. (Aka the dreaded Man-flu).
This is a pretty rad little sandbox. However the big one down by the beach will be a lot easier to deal with! We booked our tickets home to NZ today - only 8 weeks to go!! I can't believe how fast two years has gone. So in eight weeks time there will be a fair bit more sunshine and sand than we've seen lately...

image: cannot remember..

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